Chris Smith
IBM i 7.2 end of support

Continuing IBM i 7.2 after end of support

For those frantically looking for IBM i 7.2 end of support options before the official end date of 30th April 2021, this is the right place to find a solution. At Blue Chip, we’ve helped many businesses continue using their IBM Power System through our unrivalled cost-saving solutions. To clarify, IBM i 7.2 is sometimes...
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private cloud

Private cloud quietly evolves while public cloud takes the headlines

Private cloud is changing to fit a multicloud or hybrid landscape. We recently attended a SAP user group event and it’s no exaggeration to say the sponsorship was dominated by public cloud providers. This has been true for other applications and enterprise IT markets for some time. A cloud-first strategy is obviously not new. What...
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IBM hardware

Leaping into 2019 with game-changing expertise

In 2018, I was interviewed at IP Expo and when I mentioned how long I had been with Blue Chip it was pointed out that as a ‘millennial’ I would be expected to change jobs many times within that period. I’m not sure that at 42 I fit the age of a millennial (Google says 22-37), so...
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analytics and AI

Modern Analytics & AI – an answer looking for a question?

I will put my hands up and admit to being a technical geek. With an engineering background, I’m easily pleased by facts and stats for new technology. That’s why IBM’s PowerAI platform peaked my interest. The journey of the technology involved a collaboration between Nvidia and IBM (via OpenPOWER Foundation) to create a platform specifically...
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IBM i modernisation tool

Open Source Application Modernisation for IBM i – Is there a Market?

Today I met with an ISV partner, between us we support a number of mutual customers and beyond that they have thousands of users of their application. They have for some time now been working on a modernisation tool for the core of their application based on IBM i. The plan is to roll this...
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flash on IBM i

Flash on IBM i – A paradigm shift?

20 years ago I began my career as an engineer working on IBM technology. Cutting my teeth on System 36, Mainframe and early AS400 technology the fine balance between processing power, memory and disk arms has always been at the front of my mind when looking at system configurations for AS400, iSeries and IBM i...
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Tier 4 data centre service

Who is truly in control of your cloud?

When we select a Cloud Provider we are effectively relinquishing ownership and control of the infrastructure over to that cloud provider. So how much control do they actually have? Hardly a week goes by without stories in the press regarding some kind of IT infrastructure failure that has affected its end users customer base. Every Cloud solution...
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data centre with IBM Power Cloud

IBM i and IBM Power Cloud – Top 10 reasons, drivers and considerations

I have been thinking about this for a while and whilst the below is by no means an exhaustive list I believe it covers all the angles I have seen over the last couple of years. It’s presented in no particular order, all I will add is that moving to the cloud should be viewed...
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iSeries Cloud – IaaS to SaaS

For the last year or two, I have been blogging about iSeries in the cloud and what that looks like. To be fair, it’s IaaS and therefore an alternative way to purchase your iSeries platform that includes loads of benefits beyond the traditional upgrade path iSeries users have utilised in the past. I’m not going to write...
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putting IBM iSeries in the cloud

How to put your iSeries in the Cloud

The answer to this question is easy – call Blue Chip! So I guess the real question is how do we do this for you? Before I answer that l want to explore the reasons behind going to the cloud in the first place. These are many and varied but ultimately come down to flexibility...
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