Bill Everingham

Server maintenance strategy for banking and financial institutions

One of the frequent questions I get asked by my clients is what to do about the balance of on-premises and cloud or managed service compute. The answer varies of course with each client, but one area remains the constant throughout, what to do with legacy technology. The term itself refers to technology (both software...
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IT server parts across Europe and the UK

Border closures’ impact on server parts availability

It has always been said that IT and technology go in cycles, we rarely see new things, just reinventions of previous ideas – centralisation/decentralisation, cloud, edge, outsourcing, etc. The situation we now find ourselves in is unprecedented, no-one in our lifetime has experienced anything like this. As a business, as a country, we know we...
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Teradata support

Beating the clock on Teradata’s end-of-support date

It was in early September last year when we were contacted by a client with a major problem. The systems they were using for their critical management information and decision making were going end of support on 3rd January. In most cases this would not be the end of the world, however, the systems they...
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Free data centre hosting

Free mainframe data centre hosting

Yes, Blue Chip is offering mainframe data centre hosting free of charge, if your company switches maintenance to us. Is there a catch? How does this work? This is for real. The reason why we can do this, is that we own and operate our Tier 4 design and Tier III data centres here in the UK....
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IBM mainframe upgrades

Avoiding forced upgrades on IBM mainframes

During my twenty-five years working with IBM mainframes and defining data centre lifecycle management strategies, I’ve seen them go from decline to growth and to who knows where today? The cost of IBM mainframes, along with their support, has always been a hotly-debated topic. Nobody doubts the strengths, reliability and sheer brute force of these data centre...
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