Are you testing your Disaster Recovery plan?

Disaster recovery plan

It is imperative that businesses have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place to identify risks and to ensure systems and data are heavily protected. After all, this is the backbone of business continuity in the modern age. An effective DR plan will have these things in place:

  • A comprehensive process which details procedure should an IT outage occur
  • All your critical IT infrastructure that needs to be accounted for
  • An escalation plan which covers all possible risk factors

Let us assume you’ve done the right thing and have a Disaster Recovery plan available. Now you and your employees can sleep at night knowing that should an unpreventable risk occur, your business can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Unpreventable risks could be caused by natural disasters, fires, outages, human error and more, but can your business afford to stop operating? It’s why a test for your Disaster Recovery plan is hugely important. Testing your Disaster Recovery plan helps mitigate risk when your business is hit by an unfortunate event.

Nearly a quarter of businesses are vulnerable

A recent study from Spiceworks shows that 95% of respondents have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, but 23% had never tested it, leaving themselves vulnerable. Within the last year, 30% lost revenue due to a business/service outage, 77% had experienced at least one outage, whilst 59% had 1-3 outages.

Disaster recovery planning for outages

If you do not test at least once every year, how do you know that the plan you have in place is relevant to your business needs? More importantly, how do you know if the Service Level Agreement you currently have in place can continue generating business capital if a disaster was to occur?

As businesses grow, so does demand and an increase in demand means quicker recovery times are needed. Modern technology has brought forth opportunities for rapid recovery. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an offering from Blue Chip which blends cloud and on-premise systems.

tests for a disaster recovery plan

Blue Chip offers to host and carry out free testing each year. Understandably, some businesses require additional testing throughout the year, should this be the case, we can provide the resource for this with our full support and advice along the way.

Establishing your disaster recovery plan

In our 30 years’ experience, we have been contacted by many customers whose businesses were seriously disrupted from an unexpected event. We’ve stepped in by getting them back on their feet and delivering a bespoke disaster recovery plan that fits around their needs and even considers their future growth. It’s why we offer the free annual testing facility, ensuring your business is always safe. To get rock-solid assurance that your business can rapidly recover, speak to Blue Chip today about a Disaster Recovery plan that’s right for you.


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