Are you receiving a good quality of service for hardware maintenance?

server maintenance rate

Did you know, that if your server/system is five years old, there is a 13% chance you will have a failure?

The current situation

Companies are making strategic decisions to cut costs where possible, using offshore support companies to amalgamate IT contracts with large OEMs. However, are they still guaranteeing themselves a high level of service on their key business critical-storage systems?

Our customers often tell us that their old providers missed SLAs, were provided with engineers that had been contracted at short notice and didn’t share the same values or that the engineer had to source replacement parts through another broker.

Delivering the best in hardware maintenance

In relation to hardware maintenance and support, Blue Chip always ensures a high level of service.

We have been running for over 30 years and we’re synonymous with IBM mid-range, mainframe and multivendor server maintenance. The company has continued to evolve, yet always ensures customer service remains the most important aspect of the business.

We provide our customers with locally sourced, highly skilled engineers who provide trusted advice, and replacement parts, understanding what their clients need. This reinforces our reputation for having a high quality of service.

Our engineers have been with us for many years and are fully trained in all aspects of restoration, repair and consultation on storage systems. They want to be a key component of their customer’s setup, and provide reassurance that, if a problem occurs, they can solve it.

CTA: So, for peace of mind when making your next maintenance agreement or to find out more, contact us.


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