Agile Scrum Development


Here in the Application Development Team at Blue Chip, we have adopted a new way of working: an Agile development methodology, called ‘Scrum’.

Scrum firmly puts control of the benefits and value of the development process in the hands of the business.

The Scrum environment we have built delivers fast, frequent, and well-controlled features into our Itheon BPM application, and is proving a big success.

Using short-term time periods, called Sprints, to deliver agreed benefits of features early on, we are able to build towards our long-term goals in an increasingly efficient way, delivering benefits to the business as early as possible in the project and development lifecycle.

Some of the main benefits of using Scrum to manage application development are:

  • We deliver products and features more quickly
  • We can change our priorities quickly to suit the demands of the business and our customers
  • We can see tangible benefits quickly
  • We increase team-working, communication, and the sharing of ideas
  • We take ideas from customers close to the action, and convert them into reality
  • We have greater visibility of the development and project management process
  • We are able to improve relationships between development resources and customers
  • We are able to deliver a higher quality product
  • We are able to estimate timescales more accurately, using repeatable, proven processes
  • We use regular reviews to refine our processes, gain regular feedback, and become more productive

I firmly believe that the Scrum framework could easily be transferrable to different parts of the business, that could also improve from the ability to achieve tangible benefits early on in other processes or working practices, enabling change and enhancements in a structured, but fast and efficient, method using feedback from internal and external customers to enhance the service we provide.


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