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When you go on holiday for a week, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind as you step onto the aeroplane? “Did I lock the back door?!”

Even though I know I have, it’s the peace of mind I need. In business and IT it’s no different!  This 2018 IBM i Marketplace survey shows that security is on everyone’s mind.

IT security is a top concern
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When thinking about information security for holding your customers’ data, you know it must be compliant and robust. You need security you can rely on. What would happen if you had a breach? What would you stand to lose? Customers, profit, reputation? All these things could spell disaster!

Something as simple as opening an innocent-looking email could result in a security breach. 92% of all malware attacks are sent via email. The vast array of credentials needed to be compliant in all areas could be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else could provide all of this for you?

Having all the security capabilities needed to store data safely and securely, means our solutions are designed with security in mind. For example, when we were building our Blue Chip Cloud platform we made a lot of changes to become more flexible, however security was never going to be compromised!

There are three key points to consider when thinking about information security. Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity. All the following highest-level certifications ensure we meet these requirements:

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 certified service provider for our managed services. Achieving PCI compliance level 1 ensures we can handle payment card data. 
  • SOC 2 compliant (formerly SAS 70 reports), enabling us to work with American companies.
  • ISO:27001, this ISO standard was attained in 2007, acknowledging our highly robust Information Security Management System.
  • ISO:9001 is testament to the quality of our working practices and procedures.
  • ISO:14001 shows Blue Chip’s commitment to sustainability and that our environmental controls are very stringent. There is pride in saying we are green, many companies can claim this, but we can prove it!
  • ISO:22301, this is our strength in business continuity. Should something catastrophic happen to us, we can continue to manage and maintain your business systems and data.

In addition to this, our individual team members hold many certifications to ensure we are always delivering the most secure solutions, this gives reassurance and confidence to businesses that their data is in a safe pair of hands.


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