Managed IT services involve the outsourcing of infrastructure and/or software tasks to a third party to manage remotely. The Managed Services Provider (MSP) may provide the platform or the infrastructure but most importantly, they provide a fully managed service back to the customer. The responsibility that lies with the MSP is of the utmost importance and they work to ensure that you get the service levels that you expect and that they are contractually bound to deliver.

A skilled MSP can also implement different strategies to improve and simplify your operations. These strategies could reduce failures, drive efficiency and help cut costs.

Why should I consider a managed IT service?

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from outsourced managed IT services. Any business looking to improve the operation of their environment and remove the reliance on their in-house team would greatly benefit from the operational improvements that a managed service brings.

IT managers know how easy it is to fall behind with essential things such as backups, patches, updates, and security increasing the odds of facing an IT outage or another potentially huge issue affecting your business. As an example, what would be the consequences if your entire email server, customer relationship management system, financial setup, or network went down?

Any of these outages would likely lead to significant productivity and revenue losses. Implementing a managed service can help to prevent these situations.

The qualities of a good Managed Service Provider

A good MSP is proactive, not reactive, and actively improves your environment, not just keeps it running. On the other hand, in-house IT teams are predominantly fixing issues and problems as they arise, which means there is much less time to drive operational improvement. The MSP can identify problems and untoward situations before their arrival. They are adept at keeping the system up and running.

Another critical point to consider is the cost of running the service in house. Keeping a service running 24 hours a day, seven days a week requires a sizeable in-house team. This team needs to be recruited, trained, managed, and their knowledge needs to be constantly updated. MSPs remove this issue entirely; they can ensure that there is always a specialist monitoring your environment and can fix the problem when it occurs. The service charge covers the training, which is shared across the MSP’s customers, significantly reducing the cost.

An MSP aims to prevent problems and keep your technology as healthy as possible for as long as possible — the more issues you have, the more issues they have. Therefore, the MSP works hard to find, implement, and manage technology solutions that fit your business needs the best. The MSP acts as a trusted adviser to the customer, a true partner who has your best interests in mind.

Why should I consider Blue Chip as my Managed Service Provider?

Here at Blue Chip, we provide IT managed services to over 300 companies. We provide fully managed services from private/public/hybrid cloud, to hosted, co-location and on-premise environments. We specialise in IBM platforms, together with Windows and Linux.

We work across all industries and sectors, which means we have insight into pain points you may never know existed.

We fully own our data centres and have spent several decades building a team of experienced engineers, giving us end-to-end control of the supply chain, ensuring guaranteed technical and commercial outcomes. All our bespoke solutions are delivered by our own staff and cover both physical hardware and cloud-based platforms.

Blue Chip’s service desk provides customers with a single point of contact for their incident management and request fulfilment. All aspects of the service are owned by a dedicated service delivery manager who provides the customer with regular service reviews which include reports detailing a comprehensive technical review of the environment.

IT services available wherever you are

Since our acquisition by Service Express, our services are now available across the world. With our IT managed services, you are in great hands, joining many leading companies and organisations across finance, retails, logistics and pharmaceutical industries who trust us to manage their estate.


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