A customer-centric hybrid approach from the Blue Chip Cloud

why hybrid cloud computing

The adoption rate of cloud technology shows no signs of slowing down. According to Right Scale’s Annual State of the Cloud Report (2019), 31% of enterprises see the public cloud as their top priority, whilst a combined 45% view a hybrid cloud approach “as the biggest focus”.

Understanding public, private and hybrid cloud technology

It’s clear that cloud computing is a key driver for digital (and business) transformation, however, it’s essential to understand the impact that a cloud solution might have on your IT operations, before deciding on the approach that’s right for your business or organisation.


Public cloud computing has been a key driver for digital (and business) transformation in many cases, offering simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency. Whilst the public cloud can solve many challenges, it’s important to understand that it’s just one of several methods for deploying cloud resources. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms are largely based around agile compute, storage and networking, yet these platforms lack control over security and configuration, whilst one could argue they are seen as a more desirable target for hackers.


A private cloud offers tighter control. It gives government agencies, financial institutions, and other large-sized organisations increased security and scalability, whilst making it easier for their in-house teams to adjust resources to meet specific IT objectives. With a high level of control and protection in place, resources are not shared, meaning private clouds are far more expensive than public because they require a large investment for hardware and maintenance.


A hybrid cloud typically utilises a mix of public and private cloud environments, whilst businesses can easily keep track of different platforms and vendors. Hybrid cloud platforms give companies the flexibility to deploy their applications and data across a range of cloud types, meeting their needs and business challenges whilst reducing costs. It also gives them the opportunity to choose a private environment for data which needs a higher level of security, and a public environment for data which is not considered to be sensitive. This solution allows you to minimise as much cost as possible, without compromising the security of your sensitive data.

What is the Blue Chip Cloud, and how does it work?

Blue Chip Cloud is perfect for a hybrid cloud solution as it offers businesses the resiliency and security they need, whilst giving them the option to connect into public cloud environments. When modernising, upgrading or transforming IT infrastructure, there can be no ‘one size fits all’” cloud solution. Blue Chip’s platform is delivered using its Tier IV by design and Tier III data centres, which are extremely reliable and highly available, offering businesses more control over the supply chain – with minimal risk.

The Blue Chip Cloud is underpinned by its enviable reputation for strong customer service, with a team capable of defining, designing and delivering complete customer environments within 48 hours to handle standard workloads. Network and storage are provided with IBM Power and x86 compute capabilities. It enables the platform to deliver these options:

  • Software-defined network
  • Software-defined storage
  • Virtualised compute
  • Virtualised compute with automation and orchestration

The network architectures allow businesses to respond quickly to changing needs. Blue Chip’s experienced IT team can build complete production and test environments, including IBM systems, in hours rather than weeks or months. With the ability to run mixed environments across Windows, Linux or IBM Power (IBM i and/or AIX) cloud infrastructure, this powerful hybrid approach can also be composed of leading DDoS security and firewalls, meeting stringent PCI DSS requirements.

Cost-effective and flexible

The hybrid approach of Blue Chip Cloud offers you a great deal of flexibility and control without the need for complex integrations, whilst businesses do not need to own or invest in additional infrastructure. Therefore, you only pay for the storage you use and can easily scale up or down as and when you need to. As computing and processing needs change, organisations can respond more efficiently, easily matching their processing requirements to demand – improving cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A ‘right first time’ approach

With the ability to deliver hybrid cloud environments within just 48 hours, we bring testing forward, giving you the ability to rapidly deploy applications. You’re guaranteed a seamless transition of business operations, thanks to our team of experts who are highly skilled and experienced on migration and deployment.

Whether you plan to increase flexibility, boost disaster recovery or improve collaboration with a cloud solution, our experienced team will take the time to learn more about your exacting needs, delivering a tailored solution that’s right for your growth strategy. Get in touch about the cloud solution to fit your business.


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