8 reasons to consider choosing third-party hardware maintenance providers over OEM support

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10 Jul 2020
8 reasons to consider choosing third-party hardware maintenance providers over OEM support

It’s understandable why companies will go with Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support over a third-party provider. The overwhelming impression is that the vendor knows the hardware inside out, why risk handing maintenance to anyone else?

Blue Chip has an outstanding reputation in third-party maintenance of IT infrastructure, spanning back three decades. We know we can maintain servers, routers and other data centre equipment to the same levels of OEM support, occasionally exceeding that standard.

Here are 8 reasons to consider when you’re making the choice for IT hardware maintenance:

1. A stronger ROI from your existing infrastructure

For a business, the initial outlay of data centre equipment can run in to millions of pounds and in many cases the value is not appreciated by key stakeholders.

Increasing the length of service from this equipment helps to justify long term ROI. By extending the lifetime, you can have more budget for other IT projects.

2. Run your existing applications, instead of being limited by OS level

Many Blue Chip customers have business critical applications running on legacy systems which must be maintained to ensure processes run smoothly. However, in many cases, applications are unable to run on newer operating system levels.

This means there is no ability (or requirement) to refresh equipment and would generally mean OEMs reducing support options (e.g. Service Level Agreements) while substantially increasing support costs.

At Blue Chip, we have no bias to ageing equipment. One of our specialist areas is extending the lifetime of legacy equipment and minimising the risk to your critical applications.

3. Deal with a single point of contact from our incident support team

We operate a 24/7/365 incident desk, based in the UK, for all equipment, regardless of manufacturer, making it easy and simple for our clients to raise issues and get resolution.

By taking the ‘trust the customer’ approach, Blue Chip customers have a complete vision over the severity of any issue they face. Plus, we can help out on that odd bit of kit missed off the OEM contract.

Reducing the number of engineers who visit your data centre, while getting to know your staff and infrastructure inside, makes repairs quicker. It also reduces the number of engineers needing site access, resulting in a reduction in administration time and costs. Also, as our customers often say “it’s nice to see a familiar face!”

4. You benefit through a single contract and invoice

This is one of the biggest challenges and frustrations we hear from customers. Do you have multiple billing points with multiple vendors, creating a never-ending trail of administration, contract reviews, phone calls, meetings, and pricing negotiations?

At Blue Chip, we work with you to understand these dates and as we can cover all vendor equipment. We can arrange flexible contracts, which, over time allows you a single billing point and single contract.

5. You profit from truly independent technology advice

In IT, it can be difficult to truly know whether there is another way. If, for instance, you are bound to just one manufacturer’s advice and they are IBM they will suggest IBM. If you speak to Oracle, they will suggest an Oracle solution. It’s only to be expected, it is of course natural, viable and understandable.

The advantage you have with Blue Chip is that we’re not tied to any single manufacturer, nor are we bound to offer a solution that solely depends on a specific vendor. Being OEM-neutral is the reason why we can provide the most appropriate solution, regardless of vendor, to solve a problem. This doesn’t just lead to a better all-round solution but may also be more cost effective.

6. You receive the SLAs needed across all your business IT, including End Of Service Life (EOSL) equipment

As IT equipment reaches the manufacturer-deemed EOSL date, you will typically see a big hike in support costs. It’s usually a tactic to force an upgrade to the newest technology.

In many cases and for some of the reasons already mentioned previously, this is not viable or necessary. Manufacturers may also reduce the available SLAs on the equipment, usually claiming parts are harder to come by. Again, this is aimed at getting you to agree to upgrades and placing mission critical systems on ‘reasonable endeavours’, creating risk and exposure to failures.

Third-party maintenance from Blue Chip allows you to rest assured that your critical IT equipment is under the correct SLA, no matter what the age of the equipment and offer a wide range of different SLAs to suit a business need, not the manufacturer’s.

7. You benefit from engineering expertise, trained by the OEM at TPM costs

Many IT decision makers want the reassurance that the engineers tasked with responding to their incidents have relevant experience. Many we speak to feel that this will only come from the manufacturer’s in-house team.

Blue Chip directly employ some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers, technical experts and support staff. Many of them started their careers at OEMs such as IBM, HPe and Oracle. The added benefit is they all share knowledge and practices of vendors’ approaches to hardware.

Internally, we train on all equipment, giving our teams much greater strength to deal with all your data centre equipment, regardless of vendor. 

8. We’re an MSP focused on providing the industry-specific knowledge and expertise to provide business critical support

Blue Chip’s overarching philosophy is customer focus and providing a best-in-class service, whether that be providing break fix maintenance or hosting an enterprise’s full infrastructure in our cloud.

We employ the most skilled and knowledgeable minds in the industry to deliver robust and innovative solutions to our customers, fulfilling their requirements.

If any of the above resonates with you and you would like to find out more about how Blue Chip can support your IT infrastructure, please contact us.

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This article was written by Geoff Foster. Business Development Manager (Maintenance Specialist)
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