We’re the largest IBM Power Cloud provider in Europe. Customers, ISVs and business partners trust us because we do not rely on third parties to provide any of our IT services. From maintenance to logistics, it’s all under our control.

To complement our IBM Power Cloud, we have a broad portfolio of managed services that can truly improve and grow your business. These are already performing wonders for hundreds of companies around the world.

The swashbuckling server supporters

I’m going to reach into a famous piece of fiction to help deliver the facts about our managed IT solutions. Imagine your IT support is being carried out by the Three Musketeers, who have mysteriously emerged from the 17th century with an expertise in server support that is equal to their swordsmanship. These are the scenarios of how Blue Chip could help you.

Staffing issues (Scene 1)

IBM Power Systems often run mission critical applications for your EPR, finance, HR and retail systems, forming the backbone of your enterprise. Enter the Three Musketeers – Athos, Porthos and Aramis – they’re keeping the lights on and they’re your trusted IT staff, even if they’re taking liberties with the dress code. Let’s not forget the new trainee, d’Artagnan, who is learning the ropes.

One day, Athos decides that he wants to go on holiday. This isn’t normally a concern for your business, but then you realise Porthos is also holidaying for the rest of the month. Can you really expect Aramis and d’Artagnan to be available 24×7 for three weeks?

Thankfully, a call to Blue Chip means you can have a conversation on how to benefit from their remote managed services, which fills in the IBM skills gaps and provides ‘on tap’ expertise day and night.

IT cost savings (Scene 2)

The IT director has been mandated by the board to substantially cut operating costs, as the business has been hit badly by the pandemic. Athos, Porthos and Aramis have been loyal servants to the company for many years, but sadly, one of them needs to go.

Two Musketeers just does not sound right, they cannot be expected to work 12-hour shifts and d’Artagnan is still being trained.

Of course, this is where a call to Blue Chip comes in. Our offering of remote managed services for IBM i and AIX can really help the company out of this awkward situation, providing a bespoke IT support package aimed at all the underserved areas of your infrastructure.

Skills gap (Scene 3)

Athos and Porthos are the remaining Musketeers, out on another mission. Sadly, it’s Porthos’s last adventure, he is retiring in June, so HR are looking for a replacement, someone who has experience of IBM Power Systems and the mission critical application that runs on it.

“What do you mean, you can’t get a graduate and train them up? When did they stop teaching IBM Power Systems at universities?” exclaims the head of HR.

The average salary for an experienced IBM Power Systems operator will most likely be prohibitive as the business needs to cut down on expenditure, plus d’Artagnan is only halfway through learning the ins and outs of IBM i and AIX.

Naturally, a call to Blue Chip solves the problem, with their highly experienced AIX and IBM i engineers available to apply their expertise round the clock.

Out-of-hours support (Scene 4)

Porthos has flown the nest, retired after many years of loyal service, and d’Artagnan has now completed the training to be his replacement.

Athos and d’Artagnan have concluded there are 168 hours in a week, so if they each take half the workload – 84 hours each – they can get the job done. They make the case to HR that they should each get a wage for 40 hours and 44 hours of overtime per week.

It’s not going down well with the HR department, who are concerned about the potential for sick leave, holidays or indeed any time off to spend their new found wealth. This is the time to look at into remote managed services from Blue Chip, ensuring IT support is delivered 24×7, even for niche areas.

Security and threat management (Scene 5)

Athos and d’Artagnan have loaded up their muskets and sit silently behind their IBM Power Systems, ready to fight off the cyber criminals that are sure to launch an attack. Days on end, they wait for an invisible enemy, muskets pointed at the front door. Unfortunately, the back door was wide open, and has been for years.

A king’s ransom had to be paid to get the data unlocked. Athos and d’Artagnan are back in training to learn how to combat stealth attacks. Cyber threats didn’t exist in the 17th century.

The company decides to apply Blue Chip’s remotely managed IBM i IT security services to ensure their infrastructure is actively protected around the clock.

Journey to cloud (Scene 6)

“Le ciel est bleu” exclaimed Athos. He’s right, there’s not a cloud in the sky! It’s a great day for the team, business is back to being great and Porthos has decided to come back out of retirement. You can’t keep a musketeer away from the action, it seems.

“Where are we going to put that IBM Power System, the IT director and the board have adopted a ‘cloud first’ strategy?” said Porthos. “We need to find a cloud first, but there are few that are secure, resilient, software-defined, scalable, and affordable.”

“I have a great idea,” said Aramis. “Let’s see where everyone else puts their critical IBM Power Systems.”

“I already know,” said a beaming d’Artagnan, his face full of confidence. “It’s the Nuage de Blue Chip!”

The young upstart has now stolen the thunder from the Three Musketeers! With Blue Chip Cloud now housing the company’s IBM Power Systems, downtime is substantially reduced and there are no worries about unexpected costs because the service scales to your specific needs.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery (Scene 7)

The team is about to clock off after a hard day’s work, but Claudia from the accounts department sends a carrier pigeon over to say she can’t find the file that she needs to send to King Louis XIV, and if she doesn’t send it today, it’s the guillotine for her!

“Fear not” exclaims Athos. “We have automated back-ups, Porthos puts the tapes in every day, religiously. We can get your file back no problem, we just need to restore it!”

Alas, Athos’s confident smile faded away after examining the server.

“Mon Dieu! The tape is missing because Porthos is on holiday!”

Claudia is getting a headache from all the stress that this is causing, but that won’t matter tomorrow, you can’t get a headache if you have no head.

Is it time to look at managed back up services from Blue Chip? Claudia thinks so.   

The epilogue on these IT services

These seven scenarios are more common than you may think, we have customers speaking to us about them daily, and with our 34 years of IT experience, and 230 dedicated staff, we can help you solve your IT problems. Always there, always on and always committed. Give us a call today.


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