6 things I want my monitoring tool to do for me

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Our Service desk team, with their 2000+ systems and devices to monitor, have been asking for the Itheon Appliance to be far more active with what it can do to help them.  They want to click a button on a problem that gives them options with how to handle the message.  I have therefore made a list of 6 options I personally would want to perform directly if I had a problem to escalate or fix:

  1. Send an Email.
    Well this is obvious and we have automated emails well established, but there are always times when an email needs sending somewhere else.  Why not have the ability to send the event details direct from the appliance, with just the email receivers to input.  This would save a great deal of time composing an email somewhere else.
  2. Make a Telephone Call.
    The events are in plain text, so there is no reason why a simple bit of text-to-voice software can’t be used to make telephone calls.  Again just the input of a telephone number and we are saving Service desk wait-time while they sit on a telephone for a response.
  3. Log an Incident.
    Now here is a time saver.  If we can turn the creation of an incident on our application into a single-click button from the Appliance, the amount of time spent logging an incident (with all the options and more copy and pasting) is massively reduced.
  4. Execute a Command.
    Our Servicedesk have a great number of procedures with which to resolve problems themselves.  The pain of logging into a system to execute commands however could be reduced greatly if access can be gained directly from the event you are fixing.  A great example is I-Series message waits – have the message response sent direct from the Appliance and a great deal of hassle is removed.
  5. Acknowledge.
    When I have completed what actions I can as a ServiceDesk operative I want the rest of my team to be able to see quickly that I have done something.  How about the event updates now go elsewhere so I can only see what new problems have not been dealt with.  That makes managing such a large estate far simpler.
  6. Anything I Want.
    As an Itheon administrator, my ideal would be to have the ability to set up whatever options I can.  With ever changing methods of escalation and resolution I would not want these options to be hard-coded and static.  Rather I would want the ability to assign scripts and executables so that a variety of options can be taken on each event, and for which I can change them as the technologies / applications change within the company.

If any readers can suggest other options they would like to see a monitoring product offer in terms of escalating or resolving an issue please feel free to comment ideas below.


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