5 reasons to use IaaS to keep your LOB managers happy

IaaS investment

More and more IT infrastructure teams within both large and medium-size enterprises are failing to provide what their LOB (Line of Business) Managers require in order to achieve the business objectives.

LOB managers are now saying, “this is what I want, make it happen”

  1. “I don’t want any Capex”
  2. “I need faster IT deployment”  – I mean hours or days, not weeks or months
  3. “I require capacity on demand”
  4. “I only want to pay for what I use, when it’s required”
  5. “I don’t want to employ any more IT staff”

Those enterprises whose IT management don’t give these LOB managers what they require not only stunt the growth and success of their enterprises, they also risk their business outsourcing not just the IT infrastructure, but the whole IT department; out of frustration and a feeling that the IT department is not providing what the business require. In many cases, outsourcing a whole IT department can be highly detrimental for the business. In my 20+ years in the IT industry I could name so many failed outsourcing projects.

In my opinion, IT departments should concentrate on working closer with their LOB managers and aligning business and IT objectives and pulling in the same direction to achieve their business goals and objectives. This does mean some level of IT outsourcing, but a more strategic transformation, providing specialist skills and shifting on-premise infrastructure into the cloud (IaaS).

Blue Chip provide IaaS and Cloud services for Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and IBM i. In 2013 we have installed just over 50 new IBM Power systems with over 150 logical partitions and around 1,500 instances of Windows and Linux across our VMWare estate.


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