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02 Aug 2019
1:1 IBM mainframe disaster recovery

What is 1:1 mainframe disaster recovery?

It’s all about having your own dedicated back-up mainframe.

For around the same budget as an existing shared DR contract, Blue Chip will provide a dedicated IBM mainframe with the same MIPS as your production system.

As part of the deal, we will provide…

  • Hosting
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Annual testing at a time/date of your choosing

This will speed up your recovery process and remove the risk of a multiple invocation associated with shared DR services, which could leave your business without a system when you need it.

For IBM mainframe customers who switch to us, they not only get a dedicated IBM mainframe, we’ll also provide UK technical engineers sitting alongside your staff during testing sessions. Should you have a live disaster, our technical specialists will be on hand to guide you through the whole invocation period.

Blue Chip has been providing DR services for many years. Alongside the IBM mainframe, we can also provide cover across most other servers and storage technologies such as ESX, Linux servers, Windows servers, Unix servers, and IBM Power systems.

Please contact Bill Everingham to discuss how this service could work for your organisation.

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This article was written by Lee Bailey. With 20+ years sales and management experience in the Data Centre IT industry, Lee has vast experience delivering cloud and IaaS solutions.

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