10 reasons to choose Blue Chip when transitioning IBM Power to the cloud

IBM Power Cloud

When it comes to cloud migration, there are a handful of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to choose from. However, nobody understands IBM Power Systems quite like Blue Chip.

Here’s why we’re the top MSP for customers using IBM-based IT infrastructure, according to Darren Smith, Enterprise Architect at Blue Chip, and Matthew Bailey, our National Sales Director.

1. We’ve been managing IBM Power Systems since 1987

 “We’ve been maintaining IBM branded equipment and its various predecessors since 1987. We can deliver your system as a private cloud system within Blue Chip, provide it on a multi-tenant cloud system within Blue Chip Cloud, or manage it on the public cloud.” – Matthew Bailey

2. We – quite literally – do everything

“We not only run the cloud infrastructure but we manage the operating systems and databases for our customers who rely on IBM technologies. We’re unique in that way: the only provider to run, maintain, recover, and sell the systems.” – Matthew Bailey

3. We specialise in cloud security

“The Blue Chip Cloud platform has been built with security in mind. Every customer has a dedicated firewall with their own bespoke set of rules, so even though some of the underlying infrastructure is shared, there is no way that customer data could accidentally be available in another customer’s environment.” – Darren Smith

4. We deliver a bespoke service to every customer

 “We create a bespoke solution for each customer; we look at how they’re set up and design a new solution specifically for them, without trying to force them down a specific route. We look at what they currently have and we match it and make sure that when they come to us they’re in a better state than they were on-premise and they have the ability to kick their IT onto the next level.” – Darren Smith

5. Our Software-Defined Data Centre is second to none

“We have a Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). If a customer is using a legacy or modern IBM system that isn’t software defined, we can create templates of their entire environment, enabling us to spin up a test environment quickly.” – Darren Smith

6. We use an enterprise-level monitoring tool

 “The other key part of our expertise centres around our monitoring system. Our cloud service is powered by the monitoring tool, Itheon. It’s the most powerful IBM Power System monitoring tool on the market today. It’s owned by Blue Chip, so if we need it to do something for us such as automate a task or make something better, it’s in our interest and within our control to do so. We can do bespoke monitoring and heavily automate. This way we reduce failure at human error and increase uptime.” – Matthew Bailey

7. Our automation maximises uptime

“Everything in our data centre is automated. We upload scripts that we can run multiple times and we use automation engines to deploy the infrastructure and the network. We’re not reimagining the wheel every time we deploy something for a customer, we’re taking a lot of standard building blocks we’ve already created and tailoring it to their needs.” – Darren Smith

8. Everything in our cloud is enterprise class

“Everything in our cloud is enterprise class to ensure maximum uptime and security. Firewalls are deployed in a highly available cluster, meaning that there’s no single point of failure in their security boundary and all the underlying infrastructure is deployed in a highly available solution.” – Matthew Bailey

9. We know a thing or two about legacy systems

“We can transition not only the most up-to-date applications, but we can bring legacy and hard-to-move applications into our cloud environment. Our network is very flexible, and we can support all requirements. We use legacy swing kits to keep the customer running on site while we’re actually bringing them into our cloud.” – Darren Smith

10. We can migrate your data and have you testing in hours

“Blue Chip truly delivers a cloud service, so our customers don’t have to wait for infrastructure to be procured, and when they say go, we’re ready to go!  With our automation we can stand up and deploy our environment within hours and have the customer testing connectivity and data almost immediately.” – Matthew Bailey

To find out more about how Blue Chip can transition, manage and maintain your IBM systems in the Blue Chip Cloud, get in touch with our team today.


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