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flash data storage
23 Oct 2019
You wouldn’t store your toothbrush, bleach and shower gel in the same place, would you? Even ignoring the obvious health risks of doing so, it’s simply not the done thing....

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beach clean up day
07 Oct 2019
We spent over 200 hours working outside this year, 75 of those on the beach, how?
no power outage at our data centre from the lightning strike
09 Sep 2019
Lightning strike on National Grid transmission circuit at Eaton Socon-Wymondley Main, 16:52 09/08/2019.
30 Aug 2019
IBM announces end of support for ProtecTIER®
23 Aug 2019
I regularly talk to companies from a diverse range of sectors and verticals, all of which have dealt with multiple OEM infrastructure
19 Aug 2019
With Michael Gove’s recent statement that the Government is preparing for a no-deal Brexit it seems the die is cast
16 Aug 2019
Training, investment and testing - three key components which has led to Blue Chip being able to offer HPE 3PAR storage maintenance and support for the past couple of years.
15 Aug 2019
The answer to the above question is yes but let me take you through my 20 years’ experience.


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