Windows Server Disaster Recovery

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Windows Server Disaster Recovery

Windows Server Disaster Recovery

Blue Chip offers disaster recovery as a service. We take responsibility for the recovery of our customers’ systems. Our infrastructure capabilities extend beyond hardware ensuring that our expertise, processes and documentation is maintained and updated annually through DR testing and cross training within our support teams.

We take a more holistic pre-disaster recovery planning approach, giving our customers piece of mind that their systems can be recovered in the event of a disaster. Blue Chip takes pride in leveraging disaster recovery and data availability technologies, such as replication and continuous data protection to include: 

  •   Disk-based backup solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively protect business critical data such as databases, email and files.
  •   Enable near-instant recovery from disasters – as little as five minutes for files and under four hours for critical data (such as an entire site) – versus prolonged tape based restore.
  •   Provide continuous data protection with near-instant recovery and high performance, helping drive top-line growth through business continuity and improved service levels.

Continuous data protection provides businesses the ability to recover from unanticipated occasions. The advantage of this approach is being able to recover to any specific point in time with the aim to reduce recovery point objective (RPO). Specifically, when there is a problem such as data corruption, accidental deletion or a disaster, Blue Chip aim to mitigate the risk of data loss, during situations such as fire, flood, terrorist attack, virus etc.
Unlike a lot of our competitors, we will pro-actively lead the customer when conducting a disaster recovery test, using our expertise to advise on how to improve the process when required. This reduces their costs and improves on the recovery times.

Find out more about how we can protect your Windows systems from disaster and restore your business critical hardware and software in the event of failure... HERE

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