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Traders QEDD IBM I High Availability Solutions

Traders are a privately owned software company based in Paris, France and were founded in 1992.  The company are a certified IBM business partner and their product set is predominantly based around the IBM i Systems their software brand is known as QSL (Quick Software Line). 


They have a Global Partner Network focused on the local need of each geographic region and have over 2000 customers. 



  • Protects your production environments against downtime and data loss 

  • Quick-EDD/HA is a highly flexible all inclusive solution 

  • Supports two node and multi-node environments 

  • Low resource overhead: CPU, memory, storage, communications 

  • Ideal for long distance replication environment 

  • Unique JFP process provides job status information on target in the event of system failure 



  • Failovers, switch test & switchbacks can be fully automated  

  • Does not add excessive complexity to overall system design so it’s easier to manage 

  • Application and OS functions are logically separated providing clear demarcation for troubleshooting 

  • 24 x 7 UK based telephone support provided by Blue Chip 

  • Customised iTheon alerting and pro active managed service 



  • Coded in TIMI which is the lowest programmeable code level on IBMi significantly reducing Performance overhead* 

  • Typically 1 Mbit of bandwidth supports 1.6 MJTPH ** 

  • Multi-threaded electronic send is faster than all other journal based solutions 


*TIMI programs typically use 60% less system resource than equivalent programs written in C or RPG  

**1.6 MJTPH ~ 1.6 million journal transactions per hour.  That’s about 60% better than remote journaling 


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