IBM i & iSeries Disaster Recovery

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IBM i & iSeries Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services

As these services have evolved over time we have all adopted different terminology...... is it disaster recovery, data availability, business recovery, business continuity, high availability, back up, remote off site, on site, cold start, warm start, DRaaS. Whatever you call it, it’s about making sure your business is back in business with minimum disruption and financial loss when disaster strikes.

All companies today are dependent on their IT, albeit some more than others. Whatever your recovery time objective (rto) and your recovery point objective (rpo) Blue Chip has a solution that will fit.

Our team will work with you to establish your RTO & RPO and then to implement robust disaster recovery planning so you can be totally confident that your iSeries DR strategy is fit for purpose and more than capable of meeting your critical business requirements, whatever disaster befalls your company.

Blue Chip has many years experience delivering disaster recovery solutions to customers running: 

  • IBM Power i 
  • system i  
  • iSeries
  • As400
  • OS400 & i5/OS
  • Power p
  • RS6000
  • AIX
  • Windows
  • Linux

Talk to Blue Chip about what fits your business best; it might be ship to site and our mobile services or data centre recovery from cold, it might be our remote back up services blended with DRaaS delivered from the Blue Chip Cloud or if your business cannot afford any down time or to lose any data then talk to our team about our high availability services.

Find out more about how we implement disaster recovery for our clients... HERE

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