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FalconStor Backup Solutions

FalconStor CDP 


FalconStor CDP Solution (Continuous Data Protection), is a disk / cloud based backup and recovery solution that provides comprehensive data protection functions such as mirroring, snapshots, journaling, remote replication, and automated disaster recovery (DR).  


Replication offsite is managed efficiently through the use of patented technology. This sophisticated WAN optimisation tool can enable replication of data over minimal and/or existing bandwidths to Blue Chip’s Recovery Centre. 


Within the Blue Chip Recovery Centre alongside the CDP Vault, Blue Chip have deployed a vast Virtual environment. Utilising built in recovery tools, Blue Chip can manage and automate recovery of IT infrastructures for DR invocations.


Entire environments can be recovered in just a few hours, rather than the traditional days. This simplified and automated DR process also enables rapid DR testing without the need to commit IT teams offsite for days.... or even weeks. 


FalconStor VTL 


FalconStor VTL Solution (Virtual Tape Library) with de-duplication is a disk-based backup solution that optimizes backup and restore, improves performance and enables remote disaster recovery (DR).  


FalconStor VTL is compatible with Windows, Vmware and Linux, (Plus AIX & IBM iSeries Platforms) and supports all commonly used backup software’s and commands. The FalconStor VTL also provides WAN optimized replication for cost effective DR, helping to set the stage for cost-effective cloud initiatives.  


Benefits of FalconStor VTL include longer data retention and improved restore times, as well as increased data reliability through the elimination of tape and tape shipments. 


Both FalconStor Solutions can also be utilised by Customers “in house” between their own sites/Data Centre’s, without the need to replicate to Blue Chip. 



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