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Cloud Backup for Windows & Linux

Traditional tape based backup methodologies are notoriously slow, inflexible and often fail to meet data protection policies stipulated by the Business or Regulator (RPO/RTO). Tape solutions also require significant human intervention and subsequently human error. To ensure offsite protection of this business critical data, tape media also has to be physically shipped offsite. If off site data protection policies are not strictly adhered to, a Companies business critical data can be vulnerable.  


With data loss or system downtime costing businesses more than ever, IT Managers cannot continue to rely on legacy tape based solutions with these significant weaknesses. When also considering exploding data volumes and shrinking backup windows, plus the need for 24x7 application availability, the only option for many businesses is to re-assess and overhaul their existing Backup (& Recovery) processes. 


Blue Chip’s portfolio of disk and cloud backup solutions, enable businesses large and small to automate data protection with the additional resilience of storing that data in Blue Chip’s Cloud… matter what your data protection policies are. 


Blue Chip’s Cloud Backup solutions can be dovetailed with Blue Chip’s automated recovery tools and workplace recovery solutions to minimise RTO.


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