AI - Artificial Intelligence

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AI - Artificial Intelligence

Enormous competitive advantages are now 'on tap' through Artificial Intelligence. Accelerate your business growth through Blue Chip's expertise in applying AI technology.

Optimising your business has never been easier or smarter. Lift your productivity and deliver exciting innovations through our enviable range of AI offerings.

  • Automation reduces your routine processes and tasks
  • Cognitive technologies deliver business insights to improve your customer relationships
  • Data mining for taking on huge amounts of information, both structured and unstructured, to identify new opportunities
  • Personalised experiences bring in new customers and strengthens existing loyalties
  • AI is your digital springboard for better outcomes

AI is your digital springboard for better outcomes

The world's fastest deep learning enterprise solution is the foundation of our AI technologies. IBM PowerAI is geared towards high performance and real-world applications across desktop and mobile.

Used across a wide array of industries, IBM PowerAI has already established advantages such as fraud detection, facial recognition and automated customer service. The expertise and experience from Blue Chip means we supply you with a scalable custom solution that fits around your needs.

  • IaaS. Convenient pay-as-you-go access to networking, storage, network and other resources, served to you as a cloud platform.
  • SaaS. Tap into data science, delving into revelations that can help you tackle fraud and customer churn; predicting risks and improving decisions and outcomes.
  • Partner Package. Discover insights and set up business roadmaps without being a data expert, as we introduce you to the right ISVs to create solutions for specific scenarios.

Our extensive working knowledge of AI means you can take a huge leap over your competition, slash away at inefficiencies and discover fresh insights to propel your company to new heights.

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