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For the peace of mind of our clients, Blue Chip has developed systems which have resulted in us gaining the following Certifications: PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

PCI Level 1 Service Provider

Blue Chip are a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider for the provision of Managed Hosting Services and have been certified by an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) against the latest version of the standard.

Blue Chip Customer Engineering Ltd are registered with Visa Europe as a Merchant Agent and are listed on www.visamerchantagentslist.com

ISO 27001:2013

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process.

It helps Blue Chip to keep information assets secure and benefit from best practice and to reassure it’s customers that ISO27001:2013 has been followed.

Blue Chip were first certified in August 2007 and remain so today.


Service Organisation Control Reports (SOC) are for those people who need to understand internal controls  at a Service organisation.

Through the SOC 2 audit, Blue Chip clearly demonstrates and communicates  the internal controls in its environment to it’s customers. Our customer’s management can review the SOC 2 report and gain an understanding of the controls in place at Blue Chip to protect their data.

Blue Chip has a responsibility to meet customer’s SLAs, protect customer’s data and ensure availability of the services provided. The SOC 2 audit is used as part of  Blue Chip's due diligence process to ensure internal controls meet the principles of Security and Availability.

ISO 9001:2008

Every organisation would like to improve the way it operates, whether that means increasing market share, driving down costs, managing risk more effectively or improving customer satisfaction. A Quality Management System (QMS) gives you the framework you need to monitor and improve performance in any area you choose.

ISO 9001 is by far the world's most established quality framework, currently being used by over one million organisation’s in over 171 countries, and sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general.

It helps all kinds of organisation’s to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, process approach and continual improvement.

Blue Chip use ISO9001:2008 to ensure customers get consistent, good quality products and services – which in turn brings many business benefits.

First certified on 1st November 1996; (originally ISO 9001:2000; Blue Chip were certified to ISO 9001:2008 during 2009 and still are today).

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001:2004 maps out a framework that an organisation can follow to set up an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).  Blue Chip use it to provide assurance to it’s employees, management and external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

Blue Chip were first certified  in  February 2007 and remain so today.

The benefits of using ISO 14001:2004 can include:

  • Reduced cost of waste management
  • Savings in consumption of energy and materials
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public