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We continue to deliver services to our customers and partners in this challenging time for the UK. You can contact us via your account team and the usual channels for raising calls as normal.

Welcome to Blue Chip

We are responsible for managing critical IT infrastructure for over 700 businesses in the UK and abroad. Technical competence is our specialism, advancing business IT.

Five Reasons
to choose Blue Chip
Technical excellence
Personal service
Best-in-class security
Sustainable partner
Our Services
We offer a full breadth of IT expertise to support, guide and protect your business.
Customer Testimonials
See what our customers say about how Blue Chip has helped their business.

We were looking for somebody we could work with who could provide the infrastructure level and the scaleability that we wanted to be able to offer our clients, as well as the resilience. Blue Chip passed the test of what we were looking for in terms of technology. They also passed the test in terms of people we want to work with

For us the reason for reaching out to Blue Chip is that they are predominantly an engineering-led company, and instantly I know from an operations perspective when my technicians pick up the phone and ask for assistance, they’re talking to technicians who understand their issue

We’ve had a long relationship with Blue Chip…they’ve got the specialist knowledge that we absolutely require

Our customers expect [our IT services] to be available 24/7... if a component fails – and components do clearly fail from time to time – I know that Blue Chip have got our back, because they're there ready to restore service and ensure that our customer journey remains absolutely uninterrupted.