Stability Through Green IT

Our Power Usage Efficiency of 1.1 allows us to deliver our Data Centre Services without needing to factor the changing costs of power.


Unrivalled Data Centres

Tier 4 and Tier 3 Design, PCI Compliance, Live/Live Dual Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and end to end Blue Chip staff; all freehold owned by Blue Chip.


IBM Services, Customer Focus

Imagine a service provider that allows you to define the priority of your calls, your response times, has clear escalation procedures and has over 1000 customers that have enjoyed this level of service since 1987.


Welcome to Blue Chip

About Blue Chip

Blue Chip are a leading provider of Data Centre Services and IBM Support. Founded in 1987 as a provider of IBM Maintenance services, Blue Chip has grown organically to become the largest independent provider of IBM Support services outside of the manufacturer themselves.

In this time, Blue Chip has also built freehold owned Tier 3 and Tier 4 Design Data Centres. With a Power Usage Efficiency of just 1.1, these facilities allow Blue Chip to deliver stable contracts that are not impacted by increasing power costs - Stability Through Green IT

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We need to fight to keep our secondary market not only in the UK but in the whole of Europe, we need to stand together and ensure the OEM’s don’t succeed in their restrictive pr
Protecting business critical data is paramount to any organisation.
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Largest IBM® Power Cloud partner expands Actifio-powered service offerings; cites stability, ease, and application recovery speed in doubling technology investment
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